Tuesday, February 16, 2010


1:11 on a tuesday night. my cat is rubbing up against my legs and i'm not tired. my arms have goosebumps and i'm not tired. i will have to wake up tomorrow morning but i'm not tired. i'm not looking forward to school but for once i'm not dreading it. I like large places. I like huge hallways that i can get lost in. i like seeing a thousand new faces and not recognizing one of them. I like sitting in a classroom full of people that don't give a shit about me. I like to go somewhat unnoticed and i like to eavesdrop. I know a lot of secrets. It's 1:21 on a tuesday night and for once i'm not tired?

Read about my best fraaan? (cookie of course)


juliana said...

HAHAHAHAH 5 star blog!!!!! I got more than my daily dose of laughter just from the past hour where I haven't put down because of you. And another daily dose from Malcolm in the Middle. Hehehhoho I can't tell if half of that was sarcastic but I can see your future. Crazy lady sitting in a cold dark basement with cats everywhere and laptop on her laugh and an evil grin and talking to herself.

Brigitte said...

thats all fine and dandy but did you just call me evil?
im too friendly to be a hermit hahahaha

juliana said...

Hahahahahahahahahah I'm getting you a hermit
crab for your next birthday hehehe

slÄinmejifolie said...

thank you! you're sweet! yes i'm on lookbook.nu. you can find the link on my blog

t.g.s said...

really love what you've said just there
i wish i wasn't tired for once...i'm alwayss tired