Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lately, i suck


wait i always suck.
winter is starting to make me feel crazy... and i need money.
i know i keep saying i'm going to redo my room but this time i really mean ittt! theres nothing else to do. i dont really want to fill my time with a thousand different networking sites but that's what it has come to.


at least i sold my shoesss :D


juliana said...

heeheehee are those all window views?
go spend your new money!!! don't spend the shipping fee though hahaha and call over your uncle!

Brigitte said...

yes they are window views. reflections from our 1970s christmas lights masterpiece

juliana said...

Really!? I was wondering where those lights were coming from. But The main reason I wanted to commnt again was to say YOUYOUYOUUUUYOU

Brigitte said...

hahaha mememememememe! i looked at this after i commented and it said i had 2 comments on this blog and i got all excited but it was my own comment HAHA

juliana said...

Lolololo youuu wish. N00b or should I say "nub" I think it went from newbie to newb to noon to n00b to nub. People are getting so lazy we need to make our words shorter