Monday, November 8, 2010

Application for a Kiss

I was going through my step-grandmother's old scrapbooks. She kept a scrapbook for each year of high school where she pinned pictures and prom corsages. I read through her adventures with "the gang" and having a "gas" at the local diner, and I came across the application for a kiss. I showed it to her and watched her expression turn reminiscent, she didn't remember much about Ray, but she confirmed my suspicion that he was, in fact, a huge geek.

The generation gap is astounding. Is chivalry dead?

The last two pictures are of my boyfriend and me, not my grandma and her 1963 boyfriend. :)


em said...

you and your boyfriend are cute :)

Woody said...

I appreciate you stopping by my cavern.

ah, generation gaps. I am willing to do things to make them disappear but it is not working. I have to think of something else.
chivalry? such rarity hardly occur these days. but when it does, it can be more meaningful.

MartaStardust said...

Thx ^^
I love your hair !!!!!!

juliana said...

what!!!! i thought that was your grandma and her 1963 boyfriend. fooled me

Orla xx said...

thats the cutest thing iv ever seen:) xx