Tuesday, October 27, 2009

does anyone else

like to tie-dye?

i used to draw a lot. i started making youtube videos with my neighbor in fourth grade. i used to write too. my closet is full of blank canvases, where did my creativity go?


Yamila said...

i'm asking myself the same question... i used to draw and to paint a lot too, but now, i don't know!

I like your blog, now i follow you, dear! Thanks for your comment ;)

ok, "READ" you soon. haha

amynaree said...

this looks like fun , i have never tried tye dye-ing before!

Barima said...

I, too, often ask myself the same question. I've channelled perhaps too much of it into my outfits these days. Speaking of, I did write an entry about overdying one of my jackets and will do so again if I pick up anything else worth changing the colour of

Keep it up


Nadir H. said...

i like the colors in the dying picture

juliana said...

into dye which went into clothing.